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Right to Return
The customer has the right to return purchases - no questions asked - within 14 solar days from the date of receiving the merchandise. This Right to Return is applicable only to merchandise in the In Stock category. The customer may NOT exercise the Right to Return for Custom Made merchandise, Sale merchandise or that which is otherwise indicated in the description.

Exercising the Right to Return
When the customer wishes to exercise the Right to Return for merchandise already delivered, it is necessary to:
  1. Send an email to info@PunitiveShoes.com citing the Right to Return and all necessary order information.
  2. Wait for an answer with all steps to follow.
  3. Be sure to follow step by step the procedure described into mail.

Customer Costs
When using the Right to Return, the customer pays only the direct cost of returning the merchandise to PunitiveShoes.com (that is, shipping costs and any eventual customs and banking fees). The original shipping costs to send the merchandise from PunitiveShoes.com to the customer are not refundable.

PunitiveShoes.com makes every effort to reimburse the customer as quickly as possible (reimbursement by moneycheck or equivalent method), at most within thirty days of the date in which the customer notifies PunitiveShoes.com of the decision to exercise the Right to Return.

Shoes change will be delivered during next 30 working days after receiving back the original ones and upon stock availability. The customer pay shipping costs.

Online resolution of consumer disputes (ODR-ADR)
The consumer residing in Europe must be aware of the fact that the European Commission has established an online platform that provides an alternative dispute resolution tool.

This tool can be used by the European consumer to resolve non-judicially any dispute relating to and / or arising from contracts for the sale of goods and services entered into on the net. Consequently, if you are a European consumer, you can use this platform to resolve any dispute arising from the online contract entered into with the Owner.

The platform is available at the following link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr


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